Fourth year has never been this good!

I am done being a fourth year high school student, so I know what was it like to finally be graduating. But I am telling you, if you were happy and excited when you were in your fourth year in high school, wait ‘til you reach fourth year college.

It’s like heaven. Just a few more months, and poof! You’re done! You’re actually done! (Well I guess I’m not really done yet after this, because I’ll enter Med school, but yeah, you’re done!) No more late night studying, and last minute book scanning. No more crying because of a very very difficult test or feeling that heart beat getting faster because of that terror professor who never ever forgets to call your name during lectures. It’s like you are floating right now, diving into numerous soft, white, dreamy clouds.

Just a few more months and I will finally graduate from my pre-med course and I will now enter Med school! Yay! It’s still too soon to say this, but, hey! I survived Medical Technology! :”“>

Thank You Lord! Malapit na ‘to! Push for graduation! :)

I’ve been seeing a lot of TFIOSmovie gifs and photos lately. And I get sad whenever I see them.

I get sad because I haven’t seen the movie yet. Only a week has passed since it was premiered here in the Philippines, but I already feel like I am a year late. I get jealous of those who have watched it already. I know the story, I know it too well now because I have just finished REreading the book and I wanted to know how did they do it in the movies. I am desperately hoping that I would watch it sooner rather than later.

I have this story on wattpad, my own story, that I could not finish for reasons like: 1.) I don’t have time, 2.) I’m too busy and 3.) I only get ideas when I’m already sleepy.

I’ve always wanted to make my own story, to build a love story that will be remembered if not thousands, at least a hundred of people. I am ambitious when it comes to writing, simply because, I am a frustated writer, journalist and photographer. I wanted to be a writer, journalist, and photographer in our school newspaper back when I was in high school, and sad, but true, they only choose those famous students who are really not good enough. I’m not saying that I am a good writer, what I’m saying is that they should train others too, those who really like to write, not just those who were forced to write because they’re famous and they need to become more famous. Ugh, high school blues. Although I did have my chance to join our school newspaper. I became a literary editor. Sad news is, when the newspaper came out, I had only one poem in the literary section, and our EIC never even asked me to help her choose the poems. I mean, what’s the use of being a literary editor if you can’t even edit or choose?!

So yeah. I wanted to be a writer. I am currently a photographer in our own faculty at the university, and I am proud of it. Yes they never chose me as a photographer during my high school years, but I am proud to say that I am now a photographer in one of the country’s top universities. Now, I will try to pursue my dream of becoming a writer. I don’t want to be famous, I just want to share my talent. Because this is the only talent I know I can really do..

And yes, I am thinking of finally finishing my story on wattpad.

I lost my camera.

Yes, my one and only Nikon DSLR. Well, technically, I wasn’t the one who lost it, but I should’ve asked them to pack it inside their luggage so it wouldn’t be left unnoticed. I should have, but I did not. So yeah, they went out the taxi without my DSLR being noticed. Sad sad camera. I wonder if someone (or that taxi driver) is using her right now. I just named her “Tris” days before I lost her. It’s painful. That feeling when you wanted to take pictures but you just couldn’t because 1) You need a camera to take a picture and 2) I lost my camera. It’s just so unbearable, not holding her for the longest time ever (and not being able to hold her, FOREVER).

My mom is planning to buy me a new one, but it would take two months before I can get a new camera, and Tris is the only camera I wanted to be with, even if she is just an entry level camera. And, I lost all my memory cards, by the way. They were all inside that mini bag that contains my camera too. And so, lesson learned, well, if ever I’d have my new camera soon, never keep your memory cards in one bag!

I miss my camera. I miss you Tris. I have a problem right now, and only you can solve it. I need you with me on our senior retreat. I want to take pictures, capture everything so that I will have printed memories that I can keep until my forever comes to an end. I need you Tris, but I know I can never bring you back. I hope you are now happy with your new user. I hope he/she doesn’t break you, and will always take good care of you. Bye dear Tris. </3

I’ve missed this blog of mine…

I don’t actually remember when did I make this blog, I guess when I was in my first year of college? I remember being bullied in my first ever Tumblr blog, that I deactivated that blog and made this new one. Well, it’s old now. I am planning to bring back this blog, and I hope all of you will help me bring this back. I’ve missed all of you fellow bloggers!

Love you! ♥


It feels so good to finally be free from books, lectures, discussions, and the like. It feels so good that finally, I can sleep for 8 hours, or even more. Sembreak! This is it! My only worry is my grades. Yet still, I believe in God’s grace. I believe that with trust in Him, I will pass in all my courses, and graduate in time, on March/April 2015, with my blockmates, with my friends. Yes, just be positive. :)

Hi guys! Long time no blog! :D

Girls’ generation NOW
  • Maarte
  • Puro makeup
  • Malutong magmura
  • Asal lalaki
  • Siga

MOST lang naman, hindi naman lahat. Hopefully, mabawasan din ang mga ganito, kasi nakakalungkot isipin, kababaeng tao pero kung umasal, parang lalaki, lalaking walang katuturan sa buhay.

True love is when you let go of that person, and then he/she comes back to you, not because he/she can’t go on without you, but because he/she LOVE you.