It feels so good to finally be free from books, lectures, discussions, and the like. It feels so good that finally, I can sleep for 8 hours, or even more. Sembreak! This is it! My only worry is my grades. Yet still, I believe in God’s grace. I believe that with trust in Him, I will pass in all my courses, and graduate in time, on March/April 2015, with my blockmates, with my friends. Yes, just be positive. :)

Hi guys! Long time no blog! :D



ohEmJi.. can’t stop staring at these photos! My best friend really looks gorgeous! *u*

Girls’ generation NOW
  • Maarte
  • Puro makeup
  • Malutong magmura
  • Asal lalaki
  • Siga

MOST lang naman, hindi naman lahat. Hopefully, mabawasan din ang mga ganito, kasi nakakalungkot isipin, kababaeng tao pero kung umasal, parang lalaki, lalaking walang katuturan sa buhay.

True love is when you let go of that person, and then he/she comes back to you, not because he/she can’t go on without you, but because he/she LOVE you.
Tumblr - better or worse?

I’ve been thinking about Tumblr, Tumblr 4 years ago. It was way too different from Tumblr today.

First of all, I would like to enumerate some changes that had already happened since the day I started blogging here.

  •—H-E-R-E disappeared already. I mean, you can still type the tagged url above, but you can no longer find your own url tagged by others at the right side of the dashboard. Like, ninakawkopusomo 5+. It’s easier to just click the notification rather than typing the whole tagged url.
  • Instead of clicking the “♥”, reblog or reply above the post, well, you have to scroll down until the very last part of the post to be able to click those ‘buttons’.

Those are just the few things I’ve noticed for the past 4 years of blogging. Some might say, Tumblr is better right now, but I say, Tumblr was much better before. Much much better.

So what do you say fellow bloggers? Better or worse?

I miss blogging! >.< With the monthly exams last week, it really is difficult for me to be active here on Tumblr. Well, anyway, I’m not going to talk about what happened last week during the exam, but I’m going to talk about last weekend, when we went home to Pangasinan for Papa’s birthday.

So my Dad celebrated his birthday last weekend. He had this disco/bar-like party with bartenders on one side, and the videoke on the other, and all those food and “pulutan”.. I tried drinking one ladies’ drink, which was topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup, and I hated it. BTW, I don’t drink. Nah uh. Mom bought a cake for my Dad, and it’s Superman inspired. Tasted the icing, and it’s super delicious and super sweet! :”>

Then here comes Sunday. Before leaving the house to go to church, I saw this butterfly and I immediately took a picture of it. Oh yea! Mom got a new car, it’s a Ford Everest, colored dark red or something. We went to Manaoag and had it blessed. We waited for a loooong time since there was a very looooong line of cars which were to be blessed by the priest too. 

Yeaa. My weekend in 2 paragraphs. I miss home. I miss everything about home. I miss our province. I miss those clean and green surroundings everywhere. How I wish Manila has those green fields. It would really remove stress because it is refreshing to look at all those greens, knowing that somehow, in a now-polluted-world, there are still places where we can go to, where peace and cleanliness prevails.






This is my dog, Lily. My sister and I bought her, without my dads permission and brought her home as a puppy about a year ago. My dad hates her, but me & my 2 sisters love her to death. This dog helps me cope with my depression and shes always great company to my sisters and I. My dad describes her as “tolerable.” Today, after having this dog for over a year, my dad is saying she needs to go, while he is angry at us for bringing her home, she has become part of the family and we can’t get rid of her, it’s too painful. After begging my dad for a while, he was still stuck on getting rid of her. I mentioned tumblr as a final option, and surprisingly he agreed to it. If I can get 200,000 notes by the end of July, we can keep her. He thinks it’s impossible, but I have faith. I’ve seen tumblr do it before. Please guys help me, I love this dog more than myself. Please oh please :c 


This person does NOT have much time left, all of you best bloody reblog this. NOW.

I’ve never done something like this before, and I wont do it again but shit, it’s 2am and look at her little face.

Oh look, an actual contract. (Sorta.) I wonder if that can hold up in a court.

Even I would never let go of my dog. Reblog thiiiiiis